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Young philanthropists helped raise money for RTB

Many children would ask for a toy, the latest video game, or even a bike for their birthday. What two young children did for their birthdays this year was very unique and generous. Brothers Connor (8) and Gavin (6) Hartman both have birthdays during the month of August. They wanted to forego receiving birthday presents and raise money for a local charity. They chose to raise funds for Rebuilding Together Baltimore as one of their charities. Because of their fundraising efforts, these two young men raised over $200 for RTB.

Rebuilding Together Baltimore would like to thank Connor and Gavin for their generosity and fundraising efforts. They both have set a great example for young people everywhere. If you are inspired by their kind acts and would like to learn more about how to raise funds for RTB for through any special occasion. Contact Bonnie Bessor at 410-889-2710 or


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