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Ms. T
Franklin Square, Baltimore City


Ms. C is 84 years old and has lived in her Wilson Park home for 57 years. She was born in Petersburg, Virginia and was an only child. Her family moved to Baltimore in 1938. She has fond memories as a young girl when she used to roller skate at the Starlight Arena on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Upton neighborhood. She also remembers her family from their old home in the Barclay neighborhood. 


Ms. C moved to Wilson Park when her first child was born. It is the only neighborhood her children and grandchildren know. Her husband passed away in 2015. They were married for 61 years. After leaving the Navy, he worked as a cook and at a shoe store on Gay Street downtown. 


After Harry Wilson (the founder of the Wilson Park neighborhood) passed away, his wife came by Ms.C’s home with a stack of index cards featuring plots of lands for sale. Ms. C wanted to preserve the open space near her home.


“I was able to purchase the two lots next door to me. I immediately went downtown to purchase the land.” says Ms. C. 


Ms. C has 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren. One of her sons passed away 30 years ago, and left a home to the family. When Ms. C’s mother-in-law passed away, she also left the family a home in the neighborhood in her will. Ms. C’s daughter Lisa moved into the home in 2002. She was able to raise her granddaughter there, and the granddaughter  attends the newly built Walter P. Carter elementary school in the neighborhood. 


Her daughter Belinda had 2 children, one of which had 12 children.  Some of her great grandchildren live with Ms. C now. The family has 4 generations living under one roof. All of her children have passed homes to their children or plan to and Ms. C plans to pass her property and home to her children. 

Health and Safety Priorities Addressed

The repairs that Rebuilding Together Baltimore and contractors were able to perform will help 4 generations of Ms. C’s family to continue to be safe and healthy in their home. RTB and contractors were able to:

  • Replace rotted wood on the porch, improved interior and exterior lighting and repair and replace electrical outlets. 

  • Repair security lighting outside to make it easier to navigate the home safely and provide additional mobility for its residents. 

  • Replace electrical outlets will prevent possible fire hazards and will allow the family to use appliances necessary for keeping the home safe and clean.

  • Replace a sanitary line in the laundry area for water to safely drain.

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