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How We Work

Need a little explanation after watching our Instagram Reel? Read below to learn more about how we address health and safety issues in the homes we work in


Grab bars in tubs and showers can prevent falls. RTB staff members regularly install grab bars in bathtubs and showers for seniors and homeowners with disabilities. Grab bars should be anchored into the wall. Grab bars that rely on suction cups are not strong enough to support your weight if you fall! Learn more about the importance of older adult fall prevention here:


Downspout extensions divert water away from your home. If water collects next to the foundation of your home, it can lead to moisture, mildew, and damage.


Discolored spots, peeling paint, and mold on drywall and ceiling tiles is a sign of water damage. Whether it's a roof, plumbing, or other moisture issue, the leak needs to be identified and repaired before it causes further damage to your home. If you see signs of water damage, think about what is on the other side of that drywall. Is that ceiling beneath a bathroom, kitchen, or roof? Is the leak near an exterior wall and could be caused by a gutter, brick, siding, or window issue?


Toilet safety rails are a great option for people who have trouble sitting and standing from the toilet BUT not everyone benefits from a raised toilet seat. Raised toilet seats are a great option for taller adults and people who have limited knee mobility.


A dryer duct like the one pictured will make your dryer less efficient but more importantly, it is a fire hazard! Dryer lint can clog the duct and catch fire.. For efficiency and safety, dryer ducts should be as short  and have as few turns as possible. Rigid ducts are preferable to flexible ducts. Click here to learn more:


Stair lifts are a great option for people who have difficulty using stairs and are at risk of falls. 


Service entrance cables bring your homes electricity from the power line to your electrical meter and electrical panel. Over time, insulation can become frayed. This a serious fire and electrical hazard. If your service entrance cable is frayed, contact a licensed electrician. This is not a DIY project. 


Federal Pacific Stab-Lok electrical panels are a fire hazard and need to be replaced. The circuit breakers on these panels have a very high defect rate. An overloaded circuit on a Stab-Lok panel might not trip, which could lead to a fire. We are still finding Stab-Lok panels in homes every year. Learn more here:


RTB staff regularly installs handrails for homeowners to prevent falls. If the stairway is wide enough, we like to install handrails on both sides.


Changing your air filter regularly improves the air quality in your home and keeps your furnace running longer and more efficiently. Furnace filters should be changed at least every 3 months. If you have children, pet, allergies, or a smoker lives in the house, you should change your filter more frequently.

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Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas released from combustion appliances like furnaces, hot water heaters, and cars. 


For people with limited mobility, stepping into a tub and standing for long periods of time makes showering difficult. Tub transfer benches prevent falls and make showering easier.

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