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Mr. S
Mount Clare, Baltimore City


Mr. S grew up near Charleston, West Virginia. After graduating with a master's degree in engineering from Virginia Technical Institute, he moved to Harford County, Maryland, for work. After working for a short time for the U.S. Corps of Engineers as a civilian employee and various other engineering jobs, he decided to start his own one-person property line surveying company. 


Mr. S always valued a simple life, so when he moved to Baltimore in 1987, he settled in a small rowhouse with a good size yard on a quaint street in the historic center of Mount Clare. From his rowhouse, he could focus on growing his business, growing food, and living sustainably. He also managed with night classes to get a second master's degree from Morgan State University in Architecture. Mr. S loves his neighborhood. What he likes best is that it is affordable, beautiful, and has cool neighbors. 

In 1999 a neighbor suggested he start gardening in the vacant lot across from his house. With the help of neighbors and Civic Works, Mr. S helped spearhead the Mount Clare Street Community Garden. For over two decades, Mr. S has been at the center and literally across the small alley street from the community-managed garden. 

Health and Safety Priorities Addressed

  • His newly installed air conditioning will keep Mr. S's home thermally controlled. Keeping out excess moisture is also key to preventing mold and keeping out pests, which can pose serious health risks.

  • Upgraded his fire safety with new fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Rebuilt the ladder to his basement

Smith (80) front of house_edited.jpg
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