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Ms. E
Mount Clare, Baltimore City


Mrs. E was born and raised in Baltimore, not far from her house in Mount Clare. Before buying her home in 2000, she and her husband rented a few blocks away. After her husband died, she decided to finally purchase her home, a dream they had talked about for years. They were initially drawn to Mount Clare because the streets were quiet, the neighbors friendly, and the neighborhood's diversity made them feel comfortable.

Mrs. E loves her home and her neighborhood. Her home gives her stability, and after 20 years, it is full of great memories. She stopped working when her grandchildren were young to care for them during the day so their mother could work. Her grandchildren are grown and no longer live in Baltimore but visit often, and now the great-grandchildren are part of her home's story. As her grandchildren grew older,  she returned to Johns Hopkins Hospital as technical support for housekeeping and supply services. In 2017 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and decided it was time to retire and focus on her health.  

Now that she is retired, her focus is also on her neighborhood, mainly keeping it clean. With the organizational support of the Mount Clare Neighborhood Association and the city, she leads quarterly clean-ups and works daily to maintain a clean neighborhood.  She also volunteers at the annual church donation days, which is a significant asset to her community. Giving back to the community she loves gives her joy. This past year, her street won 1st place in the Southwest Partnership Clean Block Competition. It is a small award, she says, but it gives people something to be proud of and helps inspire more community engagement in clean-up efforts.

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Health and Safety Priorities Addressed

  • Her newly replaced roof will keep Ms. R's home dry and warm. Keeping out excess moisture is also key to preventing mold and keeping out pests, which can pose serious health risks.

  • Repairs to Ms. R's back porch will make it much safer to use and enjoy.

  • Work in the bathroom, including facility upgrades and caulking and grouting of gaps, will keep the room dry and clean while improving ease of access.

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