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Mr. J
Yale Heights, Baltimore City


Mr J, aged 68, moved to Baltimore City 15 years ago from Washington D.C. “I had to move for affordability. My mortgage was ½ the price of rent at the time. The difference is even greater now.” says Mr. J and he now  lives in the Southwest Baltimore neighborhood of Yale Heights.

The neighborhood is quiet and he has gotten to know a lot of his neighbors. He likes his home because it is spacious and livable. “The neighborhood has changed a lot since I moved in. It went from being almost all homeowners to being about 60% homeowner and 40% renters. Investors came in after long time homeowners passed away and began to rent out homes in the surrounding blocks” says Mr. J.


Repairs to the home have been relatively easy and manageable. When Mr. J  moved in, he had to replace the boiler and water heater. He has been DIY repairing his home ever since.

Mr. J’s home began experiencing serious problems in the last year. After an active leak that was left unchecked, his ceiling and roof collapsed in December 2022. This caused water and pests to leak into his bathroom and his bedroom. Mr. J filed a claim with his insurance company but was rejected which left him in dire straits. The prohibitive cost of home repairs left Mr. J to resort to stapling a shower curtain liner over the holes to keep the elements out.  

Rebuilding Together Baltimore has been able to help Mr. J address many critical repairs. We’ve been able to:

·        Repair bathroom with a full remodel  

·        Complete Full roof replacement

·        Rebuild entrance steps

·        Upgrade electrical system

Mr. J says his experience working with RTB “Has been good so far. Thank you for your help!  I could not have afforded these repairs without RTB”. With RTB’s help,  Mr. J is able to enjoy his home again and live peacefully with his cat companion. “Grateful” is the word that came to Mr. J to describe his experience. 

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