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Mr. C

Dun Logan, Baltimore County 


Mr. C was born and raised in Baltimore. He has lived here almost all his adult life, with the exception of the three years he spent serving in the US Air Force. Since leaving the Air Force, Mr. C has worn a number of hats, including that of a firefighter, a restaurateur, a barber and a father. He retired in 2012 to look after his health. Unfortunately, a year after retiring, the C family's boiler stopped working and they could not afford to replace it. The family lived without heat for five years. When he applied to Rebuilding Together for repairs, Mr. C's home was in a condition which threatened the health and safety of its residents. In addition to having no heat, the home also had serious moisture issues which damaged the subfloor of the home's first story. The floor was noticeably soft and uneven, especially in the kitchen, posing a serious tripping hazard. Mr. C had a fall in his

kitchen and was injured. He

was also at risk of injury in his bathroom, which did not have the accessibility he needed to use the shower safely. Excessive moisture had also attracted pests to the home.

Rebuilding Together worked with the C family to provide a new boiler, replace the weakened subfloor and flooring, and to install accessibility modifications. Contractors were hired to provide pest control and replace the roof.


Health and Safety Priorities Addressed

  • Repairs to the subfloor and flooring, as well as accessibility upgrades in the bathroom, will make the home safer by reducing fall risks

  • The new boiler will keep the family warm and comfortable at home

  • Repairs to the roof and floor will keep the home dry and pest-free

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