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Mr. and Mrs. C
Frankford, Baltimore City


Mr. and Mrs C, age 85 and 71, have lived in their Frankford neighborhood in East Baltimore for over 30 years. She and her husband purchased the home from her sister-in-law. Ms. C grew up in Baltimore and used to visit the area before finally settling there. Speaking about the area, she said, “I love how quiet this neighborhood is, and everyone knows one another. I have neighbors that I've known for years. Neighbors will help me carry groceries into my home and anything else I need help with.” She is fond of the fact that her home is one story, which makes it easier for her to age in place.


This home holds a lot of significance for Ms. C and her family. She and her husband have raised children and grandchildren there. Ms. C hopes to return the house to a livable state so that her husband, currently receiving care at a senior facility, can return home. Her granddaughter, who now resides in New York, helps out as much as she can and speaks fondly of the memories they shared growing up on this street. In her own words, “We want the volunteers to know that we are so grateful for the work they will do on my family’s home.”


Even with all the kindness of her neighbors, Ms. C has struggled to keep up with the maintenance of her home after her . After paying a contractor to complete work on a leaky roof, she found that the work was not done correctly, and it caused her kitchen ceiling to collapse onto the floor. Electrical and gas issues have made it impossible for her to cook food. A plumbing issue led to the 1st-floor bathroom being unusable forcing Ms. C basement bathroom. To make matters worse, the furnace has not worked since the beginning of winter, leaving Ms. C with a space heater in frigid conditions.


A friend of Ms. C suggested that she call various city programs for help. She was connected to the Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors (HUBS) program. Rebuilding Together Baltimore is a founding member of the HUBS program and was assigned as the lead construction agency to complete repairs in Ms. C’s home.

Health and Safety Repairs Addressed:

With the help of volunteers and professional contractors, Rebuilding Together Baltimore will be able to:

  • Replace roof that is leaking and causing ceiling to collapsed

  • Clean up and clear out the home

  • Landscaping and beautification around property

  • Lay new flooring in the kitchen

  • Repair damaged retaining wall

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