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Ms. C

Wilson Park, Baltimore City


Ms. C is a Baltimore native who has lived in her home for twelve years. She loves her neighborhood for its sense of community and because she has family close by, including her mother and her two grandchildren. Ms. C has a disability which prevents her from doing many things outside the home as much as she used to. Before she took early retirement due to her disability, Ms. C worked for Baltimore City leading projects to clean up vacant lots around the city, which she found very rewarding. Now, when she is able, she likes to go to the movies, to church and see family in her free time.

Ms. C's home needed a number of repairs to become a safe and healthy environment for its residents. Significant plumbing work was conducted in the bathroom and kitchen. The basement

and front porch steps were in dangerously poor condition, as was the porch roof - which was being supported by loose pieces of wood. The roof needed a complete replacement. Plaster work was done inside the home, mortar repair on the outside, and painting both inside and out.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and local contractors, Rebuilding Together was able to provide all these repairs at no cost to Ms. C or her family.

Before, the front porch steps were rotting and gave way when under pressure. Now, the family has a brand-new, solid staircase.

New gutter down-spouts will direct rainwater away from the foundation of the home, ensuring that it stays dry. This is key to preventing water damage and keeping out pests. 

Health and Safety Priorities Addressed:

  • Repairs to plumbing lines, the roof, and gutter downspouts will keep the home dry

  • Repairs to the front and basement stairs, and installation of handrails, will reduce fall risks and keep the family safe

  • Landscaping and weatherproofing will keep the home sealed and pest-free

  • Plaster and mortar repairs will keep the home warm and dry

  • Repairs to the front porch roof will make the porch safe to use

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