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Ms. R

Wilson Park, Baltimore City


Ms. R. is a Baltimore native and longtime Wilson Park resident. She moved into her current home in 1970 after marrying in 1967. There is a significant community of other homeowners who have been in the neighborhood as long as she has, and Ms. R says they all know each other and get along well. She loves how the community comes together to support one another whenever someone is struggling. She is also pleased that the neighborhood is returning to being a tight-knit, family-oriented area like she remembers it being from earlier times.

Ms. R's home needed a roof replacement, among numerous other repairs. Outdoors, volunteers worked to improve the condition of her front porch columns, fascia, stair rails, front doors and exterior paint. Inside, volunteers provided several accessibility modifications and bathroom facility upgrades.

Ms. R sink.JPG
Ms. R sink after.JPG

RTB replaced some old, faulty plumbing in Ms. R's upstairs bathroom. In the process, volunteers also replaced her wall-mount sink with a new vanity. This will serve to reduce trip hazards in this tight space.

Ringgold deck 2.JPG
Ringgold deck.JPG

Ms. R's back porch had a number of rotting planks, which presented a safety hazard. The porch was also overgrown with ivy, which can attract and shelter pests. Our volunteers replaced rotted wood wherever needed and removed all the plant overgrowth.


Health and Safety Priorities Addressed

  • Her newly replaced roof will keep Ms. R's home dry and warm. Keeping out excess moisture is also key to preventing mold and keeping out pests, which can pose serious health risks.

  • Repairs to Ms. R's back porch will make it much safer to use and enjoy.

  • Work in the bathroom, including facility upgrades and caulking and grouting of gaps, will keep the room dry and clean while improving ease of access.

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