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Ms. C
Waverly, Baltimore City


     Ms. C, aged 65, was born and raised in a large family in Baltimore City. Her parents,  seven siblings and her children still live nearby. Almost 20 years ago, her brother and father chipped in to help her purchase her first home. She loves her home and could not imagine living anywhere else.  It's walking distance to the job she held for 32 years at a local grocery store before retirement. 

     Last year, she started to notice some deficiencies in the home that were affecting her quality of life and ability to live in the home as she aged. Ms. C began to feel drafts of air from the skylight on the second floor. In the back of the home,  the basement backdoor was damaged which created a security risk. The backyard rails were not secured enough to walk down the basement steps safely.  The home also did not have central air and heat. Electrical wires were damaged and left exposed after a handyman job went wrong. 

Ms. C House.png

     Ms. C found out about Rebuilding Together Baltimore through a partner of the Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors (HUBS) program which serves older adults 65 and over across Baltimore City. Our staff provided a full assessment of the home and Ms. C’s needs. RTB was able to:

  • Installed new heating and cooling system

  • Installed grab bars and handrails in the bathroom

  • Repaired basement handrail, lighting, and backdoor

  • Provided fire extinguisher and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

  • Repaired the basement light 

  • Replaced kitchen faucet

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