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Board Member Story - Josh Greenfeld

Our board of directors is made up of 14 hardworking and active volunteers who dedicate their free time to supporting the mission of Rebuilding Together Baltimore. We are proud of our board member’s diverse experiences and backgrounds. Their contribution of professional knowledge and unique perspectives help us to raise awareness and funds for home repairs that benefit our neighbors in need. 

As board members move on to their next ventures (a normal and healthy step in board service), we like to ask them about their experiences being on the board and what safe and healthy housing means to them. After four years of service, Josh Greenfeld is leaving our board of directors to pursue new opportunities out of state. Read Josh’s final reflections below

How did you find out about Rebuilding Together Baltimore? 

I learned about Rebuilding Together Baltimore when I was working for the Maryland Builders Association, which is a nonprofit trade association that advocates for the interests of homebuilders and the real estate industry. Some of our members are affordable housing builders, so I was involved with the Community Development Network of Maryland, Baltimore chapter. Rebuilding Together Baltimore would show up, so I got to know about the work that they did. The current board president, K.C. Kellerher, knew that I was an advocate for affordable housing, so she asked me if I would be interested in joining the board of directors. 

What made you decide to join the Board of Directors? 

In my work, I noticed that the development of new housing was aimed at new residents. We would be focused on building a house or apartment for someone who didn't already live here. Now, there is a lot of focus and money toward new affordable housing as well as market rate. At the time, I didn't understand how great the need was to maintain our city’s existing housing stock. In the four years since I joined the board, RTB has grown in size, influence, and impact to a great degree. It's been amazing to see! 

What is your connection to the organization's mission for safe and healthy housing? 

We have a tremendous amount of existing quality and affordable housing that real people live in. Sometimes, for many generations, families in the same communities. The need for our work is great because as homes age, the maintenance they need can be too great for homeowners. I've seen the work that Rebuilding Together Baltimore has done to help homeowners who do not have functioning heating and cooling systems, roofs that are in disrepair, and even a homeowner living without a locking front door. 

What does it mean to you to have been a board member? 

Our repairs restore life’s necessities to low-income homeowners and that can change people’s lives. I think the issue of safe and healthy housing should get more attention and funding. We need to focus more on people who are living in communities and houses who want to stay there. We know it's better that they stay there. We know it's better for their mental well-being. It serves the whole community when individual homes are kept up. This should be a priority for donors to causes of affordable housing. That's what I've learned about being on the board of Rebuilding Together Baltimore. 

Thank you for your service, Josh! We will miss you. If you are reading this and are  interested in becoming a member of our board of directors, please email to learn more. Visit our board of directors webpage to learn more about our board. 


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