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Learn about the Finalists in the 2016 Wells Fargo Small Business Renovation Program

  • Cuties on Duty LLC is a fashion retailer that sells jewelry, clothing, accessories and body care products including soaps and lotions. Located in the Avenue Market, Cuties on Duty has been in business for four years and provides customers with an affordable place to shop for special events. Through the Wells Fargo Works Neighborhood Renovation Program, co-owners Chrystal and Myra Boykins hope to update their current store by organizing inventory and merchandise storage, improve lighting and display cases, and create a space to produce branded products onsite.

  • Celeebrate US Gift Baskets and Parties is a company built on celebrating the lives and occasions of everyone. Celeebrate Us captures the milestones and memories of every celebration including birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries and wedding receptions. The company offers all-inclusive packages that feature setup, decorations, cleanup, games and a well-crafted custom made gift basket. Families work hard, and Celeebrate Us recognizes their hard work by relieving them of the perils of party planning. Through the Wells Fargo Works Neighborhood Renovation Program, owner Lisa Phillips hopes to expand on the amenities and services that Celeebrate US offers by improving the space to accommodate larger groups and redecorating the facility with a fresh, updated look.

  • Main Street Hats specializes in classic and traditional hats and custom neckwear, and has been an anchor business on Greenmount Avenue in the Waverly neighborhood for seven years. Through the Neighborhood Renovation Program, co-owner Clyde Davis-El hopes to maximize the current store space with an updated floor plan, renovate the interior of the business to better showcase the selection of products, and refresh the exterior to complement the historic aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Volunteer Projects Take Place July 28, 29, 30 & 31. For more information call 410-889-2710 or email bonnie at

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