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Mr and Mrs. J
New Northwood, Baltimore City


Mr. and Mrs. J have lived in their “starter home” for over 50 years. They love their neighborhood and have had the same neighbors for 40 years. What they love most about their home is how low maintenance it has been through the years. They raised one daughter in the home and now entertain 2 grandchildren with one more on the way. The entire family gathers at their home for backyard BBQs, and winter holidays.  


In the last few years, Mrs. J’s health has changed and she was unable to climb the stairs to enter or exit their home. Currently, Mrs. J needs a wheelchair to get around in her daily life. For months, Mr. J would have to carry Mrs. J up the stairs just to get her in and out of their home. After calling several companies for quotes on the modifications they would need to stay in their home  “I called several companies for estimates, many were too high. With my wife’s medication costs, it made it challenging to pay for these repairs out of pocket” says Mr. J


They found out about Rebuilding Together Baltimore through the HUBS (Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors) program.


“I was impressed with what I saw on the website. I met with Mimi who was great to work with. She told me she would help me fix the things we needed to continue living in our home” - Mr. J 

Health and Safety Priorities Addressed

Rebuilding Together Baltimore was able to address the following repair and modifications needs: 

  • Repair the roof

  • Install a ramp in the front entrance

  • Add smoke detector and fire extinguisher to first floor

  • Install new downspout extension 

  • Added a carbon monoxide detector to basement



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