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Ms. S
Rognel Heights, Baltimore City


Ms. S, aged 84, is a lifelong Baltimore resident and former hospital aide. She moved into her husband's home when they got married and she has lived there ever since. They raised 4 children and continued to host several grand and great grandchildren. He passed away in 2009 and she has been left to care for the home since. The interior rowhome was built in 1950, new compared to many homes in Baltimore, but its age was beginning to show. The repairs Ms. S needed impacted her ability to bathe and to get in and out of her home safely.  


After calling several contractors, the repairs proved too expensive for Ms. S on her fixed income. She sought help by calling Baltimore City 311 and reached the Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors (HUBS) program which connected her to Rebuilding Together Baltimore. The home was lacking gutters on the front and side, so water was able to run down the home causing stains and cause water damage. The entrance stairs were worn, cracked, and separating from the home,  leaving Ms. vulnerable to falling. 


Ms. S met our Program Manager Mimi who was able to walk Ms. S through her home and address her concerns.  Ms. S and her daughter couldn't say enough about how great it was working with Mimi. “Compassionate” was the word that summarizes their sentiments.  


The most serious repair needed was pipe replacement to address low water pressure. For almost a year, Ms. S had difficulty bathing in her home due to this. After an inspection, it was discovered that all the pipes needed to be replaced. Walls inside the home needed to be torn down and replaced.

Health and Safety Repairs Addressed

Repairing front porch roof

  • Installing new gutters

  • Repairing front stairs

  • Installing a basement handrail

Spann, Estelle inspection photos 1.25.2023 (22).jpg


Exterior stairs

Downspout with water running into the foundation

Spann, Estelle inspection photos 1_edited.jpg
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