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Ms. T
Madison-Eastend, Baltimore City


Ms. T, aged 86, is a lifelong Baltimorean and resident of the east side. Her family has lived on this side of town for generations. After family members and friends made the move to their current street, she and her husband purchased their first home after finding the right home for their large family. “I love the porch. We picked it because we had 7 children and needed space. The home had 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.” Ms. T loves her home’s stained glass windows and unique design. Her dining room was a hub, decorated with antique wooden furniture, that hosted dinners and parties for her family. 


After her husband passed away, keeping up with the home became financially challenging. Water infiltration became a silent destroyer of this cherished family home. A broken skylight and roof damage caused water to leak into her home and eventually collapsed the 2nd floor ceiling and the dining room ceiling on the 1st floor. A botched utility repair to the sidewalk in front of her home was causing water damage for years undetected in the basement. As Ms. T got older, her mobility required more modifications so could age in place in the home she has spent 44 years in.  

To make matters worse, the cost to repair these concurrent issues was almost impossible for a person on a fixed income. Ms. T had to move out of her beloved home as conditions worsened. Her daughter learned about Rebuilding Together Baltimore through the local senior resource center and decided to give us a call. RTB was able to: 


  • Replace roof

  • Repair dining room ceiling

  • Install motorized stair lift  

  • Fix basement water infiltration

  • Accessible bathroom modifications


After our repairs, Ms. T was able to return to her home with confidence. Our work gave her and her family the assurance that she can age in place safely. Now, Ms. T can welcome her newest great grandchild in the home she has raised her family in. 

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