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Be a Part of a National Service Event

Rebuilding Day is our signature event at Rebuilding Together Baltimore. Every year, hundreds of volunteers work on up to 50 projects that revitalize homes and communities.

At the heart of our Spring and Fall Rebuilding Day events are volunteer teams that provide the necessary volunteers and funds to repair the homes of deserving homeowners. In the course of two day, one in spring, and one in fall,  these teams perform critical home repairs that create an immediate and visible impact in their adopted home.


Contact us if you live in Baltimore City or Baltimore County and would like to learn how you can apply to have Rebuilding Together Baltimore select your community as a Rebuilding Day target neighborhood.



Adopting a home for Rebuilding Day is a truly rewarding experience. Volunteer teams who adopt homes have the opportunity to be a part of a national service event and also make a positive impact in the life of a homeowner in the Baltimore community. Volunteers work alongside one another to complete repairs that can greatly improve the quality of life for the homeowners we serve.


Teams are asked to provide 10 to 20 volunteers to perform repairs in their adopted house and a $5,000 sponsorship (this may be waived under special circumstances). Each team must designate a House Captain who will lead and plan the home repairs for Rebuilding Day. House Captains have a great deal of responsibility including selecting the home to work on, completing a Scope of Work, ordering materials, organizing the volunteer team, and leading the group on Rebuilding Day. Don’t worry though! Our staff is here to support you each step of the way to ensure that your team AND the homeowner have a positive experience.

Teams are also encouraged to appoint the following positions to assist the house captain:

  • Skill Captain: Should have home repair knowledge and/or construction skills. Helps develop the work plan and instruct other team members in completing tasks.

  • Safety Monitor: Ensures all volunteers work safely on the project site.

  • Energy Captain: Coordinates Energy Efficiency-related repairs.



In addition to repairing homes on Rebuilding Day, we also have teams that work on Community Impact Projects. In the months leading up to Rebuilding Day, we work with community residents to identify beautification needs in or around public spaces, and make plans so that these projects may be sustained after the volunteer day. On Rebuilding Day, volunteers from the community work with volunteers from other groups to implement the projects. Projects can include restoring empty lots, painting, creating community gardens, landscaping, and sprucing up local non-profit centers.

These projects provide an opportunity for our organization and our dedicated volunteers to make a visible impact in the community. There is no fee for you or your group to participate in a Rebuilding Day Community Impact Project, but because there are a limited number of projects this year, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in being involved!



There are a number of requirements that applicants must meet to be considered for our programs at Rebuilding Together Baltimore:

  • Applicant must own home or have a mortgage.

  • Applicant must be low-income. This is determined by 50% of the Area Median Income and varies depending on the location of the home.

  • Applicant must be a senior OR live with a disability OR have children living in the home.

  • Applicant must live within the boundaries of our target neighborhoods. Currently our target neighborhoods are Wilson Park Northern in Baltimore City and Turner Station in Baltimore County. If you live in the city and are unsure what neighborhood you live in, please consult Baltimore City’s Cityview website. If you live in Baltimore County, please use Baltimore County’s My Neighborhood website.


Contact us if you have any questions about Rebuilding Together Baltimore’s Eligibility Requirements.


*We do not post our application form online because it important for us to conduct a telephone screening with interested homeowners before asking them to complete an application.

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