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Fall Rebuilding Day Recap

This September, RTB held its Fall Rebuilding Day in the Wilson Park Northern neighborhood. We had 35 volunteers, in addition to three corporate teams, Stratus Solutions, Whiteford, Taylor, & Preston, and Eastern Savings Bank, come out to make this Rebuilding Day a success!

We want to thank all of our corporate partners, as well as the Loyola Women's Basketball team, and all of our individual volunteers for coming out early and working hard all day to complete critical home repairs and community impact projects.

Our volunteers worked on 6 homes that needed major repairs. Some repairs included replacing rotting outdoor stairs, fence repair, replacing drywall, taking out carpet to replace with hard flooring, and much more. In addition to these 6 homes, we had a group of volunteers completing minor home repairs to anyone in the community who asked for it. These included installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, putting up front and read address markers, installing fire extinguishers, extending downspouts, and much more. All of these repairs were so that the community as a whole can be safer and healthier.

We also had a group of volunteers working outside all day at the Willow Ave Park and Garden working on Community Impact Projects. These projects were aimed to beautify the community as an extraction of the homes. The volunteers weeded, built garden beds, hung a projector screen, and much more!

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers many homeowners are now living in safer and healthier environments!

Check out some of the photos from our day!


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