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Homeowner Quotes

Sometimes in the midst of all of our planning for Rebuilding Day, the staff here at RTB have to be reminded why it is we do the work we do. A few words of thankfulness can go a long way, and we are fortunate to have been able to work with some of the most gracious and grateful homeowners around. Check out some of the kind words they shared about our volunteers’ work on Rebuilding Day and have your day made!

“We just had major rain in the area and for the first time in years my basement was dry because of your work.” Ms. C,  Mid-Govans

“This all has made my home cleaner and much brighter and made me very happy. My sincerest appreciation” Ms. W, Mid-Govans

“I have gone through a lot over the past two years and had no way to have these repairs done on my own, so I am so thankful for this program.” Ms. M, Mid-Govans

“I am extremely grateful for all the repairs that were made, and I feel absolutely blessed to have been chosen for this project.” Mrs. A, North Point Village

“I feel so much safer with the deck and all the things you fixed in our home!” Mrs. F, North Point Village


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